The Faces of Science Fiction - Intimate portraits of the men and women who shape the way we look at the future

Oblong 8vo, original wrappers. Signed by 36 different science fiction authors. This copy was used as a signature reference source by Dan and Barbara Kuenzig (of Intergalactic Bookworks, now retired) who would have authors sign their portrait photographs in this book when they would meet them. Authors who have signed their respective photograph include: Hal Clement, Jack Williamson, Joe Haldeman, Mike Resnick, Algis Budrys, Charles Sheffield, C. J. Cherryh, Greg Bear, George R. R. Martin, Octavia E. Butler, Larry Niven, Jack L. Chalker, Jeffrey A. Carver, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Gene Wolfe, Gardner Dozois, Robert Silverberg, and Samuel R. Delany.

Additionally, Gwyneth Jones has signed the half-title page, and there are 18 additional signatures on the inside rear cover, including: Connie Willis, Harry Turtledove, Allen Steele (signs twice), and Jack Dann among others.

Professional photographer Patti Perret has photographed 82 well-known science fiction authors for this book. Each author has also contributed a personal statement with there portrait. Introduction by Gene Wolfe.

Near fine.

ISBN: 0312941741
Item#: 10851
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Binding: Softcover
Publisher: New York: Blue Jay Books, 1984.
Edition: First Edition, First Printing