#10676 The Joy Makers. James Gunn.
James Gunn

The Joy Makers

The Joy Makers, published in 1961 by James Gunn, presents a dystopian future where Hedonics, Inc., a corporation that commodifies happiness, rules society. With a team of psychologists and self-improvement coaches, Hedonics ensures universal happiness, even mandating it by law. However, this artificial utopia reveals a stagnant society questioning the ultimate goal of unbridled pleasure. The novel also touches on the moral implications of such a system, including an AI-controlled city on Venus designed to keep its human colonists in a state of manufactured well-being. Echoing the works of Philip K. Dick, The Joy Makers raises unsettling questions about personal agency and the nature of reality in a world obsessed with artificial happiness. Originally published in 1961 by Bantam in this paperback original; a first hardcover edition was published by Gollancz in 1963.

Softcover. First Edition, Paperback Original. Bantam A2219 ($0.35). New York: Bantam Books, 1961. #10676.
Nearly fine copy with minimal wear and minor crease on cover.