#11252 Sea of Glass. Barry B. Longyear.
Barry B. Longyear

Sea of Glass

Signed by the author and jacket designer

Sea of Glass by Barry B. Longyear is a American dystopian science fiction novel published in 1986. It follows Tommy, an illegal child born into a future where a supercomputer, MAC III, controls humanity's destinies. Tommy's upbringing is harsh, marked by witnessing the brutal consequences of unauthorized breeding. As he matures, he questions the deterministic world shaped by MAC III and grapples with profound themes of fate, morality, and his role in the impending conflict known as the Wardate. Octavo, blue paper covered boards.

This copy is signed & dated in 1988 by Longyear and additionally signed signed by Ron Walotsky, one of the designers of the dust jacket artwork. 

Hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1987. ISBN: 0312007809. #11252.
Fine in fine dust jacket.