#10907 Vulcan's Hammer. Philip K. Dick.
Philip K. Dick

Vulcan's Hammer

This 1960 science fiction novel by Philip K. Dick is an expansion of a novella that was first printed in Future Science Fiction magazine in 1956. This is the first hardcover edition of this title published by Gregg Press. It was originally published as an Ace Double paperback original. Frontispiece by Hannah Shapero. New introduction by Fax Goodlife. Octavo, bound in dark green cloth with gold lettering on spine. Issued without a dust jacket.

Hardcover. First Hardcover Edition. Boston, MA: Gregg Press, 1979. Levack 46k. ISBN: 083982484x. #10907.

Additional Details
After a devastating world war in the future, Earth is ruled by the Unity organization, a technocratic dictatorship, that controls humanity through its artificial intelligences, the Vulcan computer series.