#10452 Typed Letter Signed - July 1st, 1950. Aldous Huxley.
Aldous Huxley

Typed Letter Signed - July 1st, 1950

Typed Letter Signed, with numerous holograph insertions, corrections and editing marks.

"Thank you for your letter. Owing to the fact that a long-standing defect of vision causes me to read slowly, I regret that I must say no to your kind invitation: for I am engaged on a piece of work involving much research and permits no extra-curricular activities to be undertaken.

"It was kind of you to pass on my request about the anthology for the Britannica. The person to whom it was passed has not, however, replied. I am wondering whether, if the Britannica doesn't want to publish the anthology, the firm would be willing to allow it to come out elsewhere. It seems hardly fair to an author to permit a year's work and 30,000 words of original writing to lie indefinitely on the shelf. Can you tell me who would be the person to contact in regard to this?"

He signs, "Aldous Huxley" at the end.

Los Angeles, CA: 1950. #10452.
Very Good.