In Milton Lumky Territory

In Milton Lumky Territory is a mainstream, non-science fiction novel by Philip K. Dick written in 1958 but not published until 1985 by Dragon Press. It was rejected by publishers and never published during Dick's lifetime. Out of a 1000 copies printed, this is one of  fifty bound in quarter leather with a PKD signature cut from a canceled check affixed to the front free endpaper. Octavo, 1/4 leather with marbled boards and gilt lettering on spine. Issued without a dust jacket.


ISBN: 0911499091
Item#: 11061
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Pleasantville, NY: Dragon Press, 1985.
Edition: First Edition, First Printing

In Milton Lumky Territory by Philip K. Dick is a realist novel set in 1958 and follows Bruce Stevens, a buyer for a large warehouse chain. While on a business trip, Bruce stops to see an old girlfriend of his, and there meets Susan Faine, an intriguing older woman who is familiar to him. They make an instant connection, and Bruce travels back to see her again. Susan hires him to manage her typewriter shop, and they soon become romantically involved. He eventually realizes that she is familiar to him because she was his fifth grade school teacher, and she left some lasting scars on him which later create some friction in their relationship. Thrusting himself into their world is the traveling salesman Milton Lumky, who seems infatuated with Susan and tries to buddy up to Bruce. Milton tells Bruce about a warehouse with a surplus of Japanese-made typewriters, and Bruce buys a large lot from the warehouse with all of their capital only to discover afterwards that the typewriters have Spanish keyboards and are not salable. This business blunder puts a huge strain on the relationship between Bruce and Susan.