#10810 Kingmaker. Christian Cantrell.
Christian Cantrell


Inscribed dystopian techno-thriller

Paperback original of this fast-paced, dystopian techno-thriller set in a near-future on the brink of global corporate dominance. The story revolves around Alexei Drovosek, a genetically enhanced Russian operative turned rogue, who plots against the oppressive regime from a hidden base in Los Angeles. With a personal AI and a group of specially trained orphans, Alexei's ultimate mission is to overthrow the plutocrats and restore democracy and freedom in a high-stakes global battle. It was first published by 47North, the Science Fiction & Fantasy imprint of Amazon Publishing.

Signed and inscribed by Cantrell on the half-title page.

Softcover. First Edition, Trade Paperback Original. Octavo, wrappers. Seattle: 47North, 2013. ISBN: 9781477807439. #10810.
Fine with touch of wear at corners.

Additional Details
Kingmaker by Christian Cantrell is a riveting techno-thriller and arguably the author's most accomplished work. In the near future, Alexei Drovosek emerges as a symbol of humanity's evolution, a man without a heart and immune to cancer, capable of surviving in the most lethal environments. His journey begins in post-Soviet Russia, where as an orphan, he is honed into a lethal assassin by the Russian Federal Security Service. In a defiant twist of fate, Alexei eventually betrays his handlers and disappears into obscurity.

The setting of Kingmaker is a dystopian future, where Los Angeles has transformed into a high-tech hub, with autonomous vehicles and unbridled city-state capitalism under the shadow of Pearl Knight Holdings. This mega-corporation, a key player in global warfare and cultural economies, wields its power through the 31st Amendment, which shifts democratic voting rights from individuals to corporations.

In this secretive world, Alexei is surrounded by his personal AI, Emma, and a group of orphans he has been nurturing. These children are not mere wards; they are integral to his grand strategy to dismantle the plutocratic system and restore democracy and freedom. His mission, spanning decades and continents, is a high-stakes global chess game where each child is a critical piece in his plan to challenge the controlling elite and reinstate the principles of democratic governance. Kingmaker is Christian Cantrell at his best, a thrilling and thought-provoking page-turner.