#10164 Count Zero. William Gibson.
William Gibson

Count Zero

True U.K. first signed by Gibson

Count Zero is a novel by William Gibson, a sequel to his groundbreaking work Neuromancer, and second installment in The Sprawl Trilogy. This story, set in the same cyberpunk universe, takes place several years later. In a future where cyberspace and physical reality often intertwine, the narrative unfolds through multiple perspectives including that of Turner, a corporate mercenary; Bobby, a young hacker also known as 'Count Zero'; and Marly, a gallery owner tasked with finding the creator of some profound artworks appearing in the cyberspace. As the story progresses, their lives intersect in a complex, layered narrative that explores themes of technology, artificial intelligence, and corporate espionage, painting a vivid picture of a dystopian world ruled by mega-corporations and artificial intelligences. It's a gripping exploration of a future where the lines between technology and humanity are increasingly blurred. This first edition published by Gollancz, precedes all editions.

Signed by Gibson on the title page.

Hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. Octavo, bound in paper covered boards. London: Gollancz, 1986. Nebula Award winner (1986). British Science Fiction Award winner (1986). Hugo Award nominee (1987). Locus Award nominee (1987). ISBN: 0575036966. #10164.
Fine in fine dust jacket.