#10171 Pattern Recognition. William Gibson.
William Gibson

Pattern Recognition

Signed first edition

In Pattern Recognition, the first installment of William Gibson's Blue Ant Trilogy, Cayce Pollard, a marketing consultant with a peculiar psychological sensitivity to logos and advertising, is hired to uncover the origins of enigmatic video clips appearing online. As Cayce delves deeper into the global search, she finds herself entwined in a complex narrative of intrigue and corporate espionage in a world that mirrors the uneasy intersection of business, technology, and the dark corners of the internet. The novel portrays a world heavily influenced by corporate powers, where businesses have substantial sway over individual lives and societal trends, and although subtler compared to Gibson's earlier works, the novel continues to explore the cyberpunk theme with a strong emphasis on technology, internet culture, and the blending of the virtual and real worlds.

Signed by Gibson on a special page bound-in by the publisher

Hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. Octavo, cloth backed boards. New York: Putnam, 2003. Locus Award shortlist (2004). British Science Fiction Award nominee (2004). Green Mountain Book Award nominee (2006). ISBN: 0399149864. #10171.
Fine in fine dust jacket.

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